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Your Journey to Confirmation


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Why Are We Doing This?

This is the promise you will be invited to make at your Confirmation Ceremony. We’ve designed the Journey to Confirmation to prepare you to make this promise as a genuine expression of what you know, feel, and do.

News and Updates

Pray for the Osage and Adirondack Trips

The second youth mission trip is in Osage right now. Pray for their safety and that they are experiencing God’s love in a deeper way as they connect with new neighbors. The third trip is heading out to the Adirondacks in New York State on Friday. They will be gone ten days.

Pray for the Duluth Mission Trip

A group of Middle School Students and adults head out to Duluth this Sunday. Please keep them in your prayers. It is also Father’s Day this Sunday. Do something nice for the man in your life who provides love and leadership.

Vacation Bible School Starts Next Week

You may have grown up in Vacation Bible School. Now that you are in Confirmation, it’s time to give back. Serve as a volunteer in Vacation Bible School. Not only will you earn 200 Action Points, you’ll make friends and grow spiritually along the way. Oh yeah, you’ll probably have lots of fun while you’re […]