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  • The Journey is an 8-month spiritual formation tool that combines online course work, accountability partnerships, and small group interaction. It is designed for busy people who have no formal background in the church or the Christian faith.
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Confirmation Courses

  • The first three years of Confirmation are on a three-year cycle. Year B walks the students through the Hebrew Bible (what Christians often call the Old Testament). Students will learn why the Bible Matters today, the Books of the Hebrew Bible, the different styles of literature in the Bible, and...
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  • How can we strive for peace as followers of Jesus in a world full of various faith traditions? Do we abandon our faith? Do we defend our faith? This course delves into these deep questions and equips the student to learn how to listen to people who are different, respect...
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Adult Bible Studies

  • This study was originally written for a network of house churches in Southern Nevada called Hart Haus in 2005. It was designed to be a daily study, five days per week, for twelve weeks. The Modules below represent one week, or five separate studies. Use this resource in whatever way works...
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  • This course helps learners find ways to talk about core belief systems in a way that builds bridges between people, rather than divide them. The fancy word for this process is theology, but it really isn’t that scary. There are 29 short videos that walk through core questions like Where...

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