About us

The-Faith-Journey.com is an ever-growing library of online courses designed to offer a digital space for individuals and groups to explore God’s Story in Scripture and how our story flows from God’s story as we grow deeper in God’s love each day.

The anchor point, and perhaps the starting point, of this site is the 8-month course called The Journey. We invite you to prayerfully consider investing the time to deepen your faith.

This site is a partnership between Rev. Dr. Steve Thomason and Easter Lutheran Church.

We’re glad you took time to check it out.

Rev. Dr. Steve Thomason, PhD is a pastor, teacher, and artist who has been using visual art and digital media to explore the Bible and offer spiritual formation tools since 2002.

Easter Lutheran Church is a large ELCA congregation (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) in the suburbs south of St. Paul, MN.

an online library of spiritual formation courses