You have two options for how to submit sermon notes:

Option 1:

fill out sermon notes on the sermon notes sheets that you will find in the lobby or narthex as you enter worship. When your sermon notes are filled out, snap a photo of the page with your phone and attach it to the submission. Click submit.

Option 2:

Attend worship with your family and have a conversation about it. Answer the following questions in the submission form.

  • When and where did you worship?
  • What was the main text for worship?
  • What was the main point of the sermon? See if you could summarize it in one sentence.
  • What was one part of the service that you found meaningful? Why?
  • Was there any part of the service that was either out of the ordinary, or made you pause and wonder?

When you have answered these questions in the form, hit submit and we will review the notes.

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