9th Grade Quest

Welcome to High School. This final year of your Journey to Confirmation is designed to put all that you’ve learned into practical use. We are going to explore real-life issues and discover how God is at work in your life, right now, to shape equip and empower you to continually grow in faith and carry on the work of Jesus Christ as an adult.

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4 Lessons

This course is a hybrid of large group sessions and small group activities. Each large group session will be recorded and made available within the lesson for review.

My Calling Session: October 4, 2020, 1:00pm via Zoom

My Neighbor’s Faith part 1: January 24, 1:00pm via Zoom

My Neighbor’s Faith part 2: January 31, 1:00pm via Zoom

Relationship Retreat: April 9-11

Final Session: April 18, 1:00pm via Zoom