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Community Quest

Jesus told us that we are part of his body. We belong to his family. You are A CHILD OF GOD.

The badges in this Quest will create opportunities for you to connect to friends your age, an adult mentor, and the larger worshipping community.

This Quest is divided into four areas:

  • Small Group Attendance: Your group must meet 36 times (over four years that is less than once/month).
  • Worship Notes: Attend worship with your family and answer some simple questions about your experience. You need to do this 15 times (worship meets once/week, over four years. That means you have 208 opportunities to get 15…pretty easy)
  • Camp Wapo: We believe that Christian Camping is an important part of youth development. You can either choose the Summer Camp Track, or the Fall Retreat.
  • Middle School Event: We offer Middle School Events/Parties throughout the year. Attend one per year. We hope you get hooked.

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7 Required Steps