9th Grade Quest

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Welcome to High School. This final year of your Journey to Confirmation is designed to put all that you’ve learned into practical use. We are going to explore real-life issues and discover how God is at work in your life, right now, to shape equip and empower you to continually grow in faith and carry on the work of Jesus Christ as an adult.

My Faith Community

It is important that you connect with a faith community of peers to walk through high school together. Yowies is fun. Give a try.

My Calling

The Lutheran word for this is Vocation. God has given you a unique S.H.A.P.E. that is designed to serve the world in a special way. Learn how to discern what you are supposed to do with your life.

Church Visits

You will visit four different worship experiences in the Fall as part of My Neighbor’s Faith. Use the button below to submit your church visit reports.

My Neighbor’s Faith

We are called to love our neighbor. Part of that is learning how to coexist with others who worship God in very different ways than we do.

My Relationships

It is crucial for a healthy life to know how to navigate relationships of all kinds: family, friends, neighbors. One of the most difficult relationship to navigate is the romantic one. The relationship retreat creates a safe environment where we can explore sensitive topics around love, sex, and dating in high school and young adulthood.

My Faith Statement

The final step in your journey to confirmation is to be able to authentically articulate your understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how you intend to grow in faith and carry on the work of Jesus Christ in your life.