Community Quest

No one can make anything grow. Farmers don’t make corn grow. All they do is cultivate the soil and create the most ideal space in which the miracle of growth can happen.

That’s what the Community Quest is all about. The four types of Community Badges are designed to be spaces in which you can make friends and feel connected. They aren’t a guarantee. But, if you don’t give them a try, you are guaranteed to not feel connected to your faith community.

We want you to feel connected to God, to your faith community, to the environment, and to yourself. The bottom line: We want you to feel that you are loved and accepted and that it matters that you are here.

Badge icon "Community (5919)" provided by Roger Cline, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)The Small Group: Your band of Questers

Each time your small group meets, outside of the BIG ZOOM meetings, you will get one small group attendance credit. Attendance is recorded by staff for the BIG ZOOM meetings. When you meet 12 times you will receive the Bronze Badge. 24 Times, Silver Badge. 36 times Gold. Earn the Gold to meet the requirements. Your group can go above and beyond and try for the Platinum and Diamond…if you dare!

Badge icon "Pencil (1521)" provided by Creologica, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)Sermon Notes: Being part of a Worshipping Community

The minimum requirement to earn this badge is to attend a worship service at Easter Lutheran Church at least 15 times. 5 = Bronze, 10 = Silver, 15 = Gold. Earn the Gold to complete this part of the Quest. However, you can go beyond and reach platinum and diamond, and try to rock the leader board.

Middle School Events: Being Part of a Larger Faith Community

Click this button to enter your attendance for any Middle School Event.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we will be gathering for BIG ZOOM events online. Attend at least one BIG ZOOM to earn the required badge for this year. See how many BIG ZOOM Badges you can earn and top the leader board!

Wapo: Learning the Practice of Unplugging

Taking time to unplug from everyday life and take a spiritual retreat is an important spiritual practice. That is why we offer two different camp experiences each year. We are not able to go to camp during the COVID-19 pandemic, so students who attend FIVE BIG ZOOM EVENTS will earn the Wapo Badge this year.