Knowledge Quest

In this quest you will learn the things you need to KNOW in order to grow in God’s love, what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus, and how to share God’s love with the world.

2020-2021 Focus is Luther's Small Catechism

This year we will focus on the 12 lessons in the Luther’s Small Catechism Course. Pass the quizzes to earn the badge. Take each lesson in the online course to earn the Bonus Learner Badge. Your Small Group will decide whether you take this course independently or work through it together as a group.

What is Lutheran?

5 Lessons

Small Catechism

12 Lessons

How to Read the Bible

4 Lessons

The Hebrew Bible

8 Lessons

The Christian Bible

7 Lessons

Different Ways to Complete the Knowledge Quest

Simply put…there are 36 lessons in the Knowledge Quest. You must pass all 36 quizzes to complete the Quest. Pass the quizzes, get the badges. Boom!

Pass 36 Quizzes = KNOWLEDGE QUEST

Learn as a Group

Your group can choose to take the courses together and have fun learning new things along the way. This would make you a Learning Group.

Learn on Your Own

You might want to go at your own pace through the lessons and quizzes. Your group will meet for social and service activities. This would make you a Social Group.


Some of you actually enjoy learning (you might not admit it to your friends, but…you kinda do). Earn a Learner Badge for each Course you complete (every topic and lesson)