The Christian Bible

Pass these twelve quizzes to earn the Christian Bible Badge.

Two options:

  1. Think you know this stuff already? Want to test out? Go for it. Take the quizzes and see how you do.
  2. Want to take your time and really learn it? Take the course below. Each quiz is embedded in the lesson. So, finish the course and get two for one: Earn the Christian Bible Badge AND the Christian Bible Course Learner Badge. Oh yeah.

Remember, you can take this course with your small group, or do it on your own. It all depends on how your group decides to approach the Knowledge Quest.

This course will guide you through an overview of Jesus' life and ministry, the story of the first church in Acts, Paul's journeys, and the letters. This is crucial information for anyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus and carry on Jesus' work in the world today.

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7 Lessons